November 2, 2021

Lumileds Delivers Highest Efficacy CoB; Bridgelux Launches Natural Light Solutions

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In spite of slump price, LED makers are still releasing new chip products targeting niche lighting applications such as commercial retail lighting and human centric lighting.

Lumileds launched LUXEON CoB Core Range PW, a line of chip on board LEDs built for high impact retail, indoor area lighting and other commercial lighting applications. The product features Lumileds’ proprietary SLA phosphor technology to achieve the highest efficacy in the industry at 138 lm/W and color temperature of 4000K 90CRI.

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1571125729 22867 3

“We’re always testing new phosphors to hit on the ideal combination of color point and performance. This new line of CoBs features outstanding color stability and performance over time,” said Keen Oun Yap, Product Manager of LUXEON CoB Core Range PW.

Meanwhile, Bridgelux introduced its Thrive™ surface mount device (SMD) 2835 and V Series™ chip-on-board (COB) parts. Thrive white point options are designed to match the spectra of natural light by reducing blue spikes and cyan valleys, and providing full spectrum, human centric LED lighting solutions.

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First announced in March 2019, Thrive uses proprietary chip, phosphor and packaging technologies to provide a close and continuous match to natural light across the visible wavelength range, enabling human centric lighting applications.

“Today’s announcement reflects our pledge to customers to deliver a clear path toward flexible, interoperable solutions to meet lighting requirements that demand natural-looking light, particularly projects in the office, education, healthcare, residential and retail markets,” said Dr. Brian Cumpston, Vice President of Solutions Development at Bridgelux.

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