How SNOOWEL Quality System Runs

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Step 1

Incoming Quality Control

The performance depends on comprehensive factors, of which LED components counts the most. Every LED parts we receive are under strict inspection and quality test.We only cooperate with branded suppliers: SOSEN, MEAN WELL, INVENTRONICS, LUMILEDS logo all 2
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Step 2

Production Quality Control

Before Packaging, the light performance is double checked, as well as the quantity of products. We make sure the lights you receive are of good quality and right amount.

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Step 3

Outgoing Quality Control

Each of our LED lights has to go through aging testing for 10-12 hrs to check whether its integrated performance, such as lighting efficiency, light color, heat dissipation, can meet the standard.

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Step 4

Integrating Sphere Test

For each order, we take 10%- 20% sample of the products for the integrating sphere test, mainly checking the power, color temperature and light lumen etc.

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Step 5

Final Quality Control

Before delivery, we will final check all the previous procedures are in the right order and guarantee you will receive our lights safe and sound just how they left our factory.

5-7 Year Warranty

As a testament to the confidence, each and every light is provided with at least a 5-year warranty. Any concern including LED lights and components are covered in it. Our after-sales support team will assist you to make a preliminary analysis of the cause.

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