Industrial LED Lights

Combining high efficacy with low power consumption, SNOOWEL’s industrial LED lights, including LED high bay lights, canopy lights, are the ideal choice for warehouse lighting and retail shop lighting, helping you achieve the best luminous effect within budget.

Build Brighter Industrial Area With SNOOWEL

Compared with the conventional incandescent lights, industrial LED lights win especially in high efficacy, long lifespan and affordability. Ploughing deeply in the industry for years, SNOOWEL, as an experienced industrial LED light manufacturer, we present you the brightest industrial LED lights, including different types of LED high bay lights, as well as cost-reduced industrial lighting solutions.

Optimized Heat Sink

70,000hrs Lifespan

Instant Lighting

Low Maintenance Cost

60% Energy Saving

Customizable Performance

How SNOOWEL LED Lights Perform So Well

We Cooperate With Reliable LED Suppliers

To ensure the quality of our lights, we source LED components only from reliable and reputable manufacturers, like SOSEN, MEAN WELL, INVENTRONICS for LED drivers, LUMILEDS for light bulbs.

We Have Established Production Lines and Professional Teams

With more than a decade of ODM/OEM experience, SNOOWEL excels in High Productivity and Fast Delivery. Our team of experts also fully devote themselves to every procedure and work closely with each other, which double guarantees our professionalism.

We Follow Strict Quality Control System

From raw material sourcing to product packing, each step and every section are regulated by high- quality standards. All lights undergo aging test for more than 10hrs to ensure ultra-stable performance afterwards.

We Provide Considerate Service

Before sales, we provide professional and cost-effective lighting solutions with DIALUX visualizing the luminous effect. If you have any questions, our professional support team will respond within 12hrs and offer solutions.

Certifications of Our Products

With 15-year manufacturing experience, we know the world market better.Our High-Quality Lights are well served worldwide with certificates.


Wall of Patents

Driven by performance, we are enlightened by the market and running ahead the trend.

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