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Professional Lighting Solution

With 15-year experience in LED lighting industry, we fully understand the market demands. All your demands will be taken into consideration. Under the assistance of DIALux — the professional lighting software, our design experts will provide you with the most efficient lighting solution after serious calculation and analysis.


We provide customization service. The color and shape of lamp body, the color temperature, even the whole light can be personalized according to your requirements. If you have any idea about your lights or projects, please contact us without hesitation!
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LED Lights R&D

Driven by better lighting performance and our vision of sustainable development, our R&D team of experts are dedicated to innovating new lights which will be more energy- efficient and more friendly to the environment. Our Catalogs will be updated every half a year. 

High Quality Manufacturing

As an experienced LED lights OEM manufacturer, we are confident about our productivity and quality. We have 3 regular production lines in operation with productivity of 500,000 pcs per year. Even handling urgent orders of H003F/TN510 series, we can deliver in as soon as 7-10 days under the case when raw materials are sufficient in stock.
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