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With 15 years of manufacturing experience and driven by performance, SNOOWEL promises you the most energy efficient LED street lights with cost effective lighting solutions.

Manufacturing Experience
Factory Area
400000 pcs
Lights Made Per Year
ISO900 1

Your Source for Professional Lighting Solutions

SNOOWEL aims to be your preferred partner in supplying you with high-efficient LED lights and cost-effective lighting solutions.


Flexible MOQ, even 1-pack order is accepted and superior quality is guaranteed

Fair Price

For bulk orders, a reasonable wholesale price is promised

Low Maintenance

The defective percentage is less than 1% based on our 5-year feedback data

5-7 Year Warranty

Our support team provides you worry-free after-sales service

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SNOOWEL LED Street Lights

With a super long lifespan and splendid luminous efficacy, SNOOWEL’s LED Street Lights, are free of maintenance work and under reassuring warranties.

SNOOWEL LED Street Lights offer optimized illumination and better distribution to improve the safety and security of side roads, streets, parking lots, parks, and other public areas.

Optimized Heat Sink

70,000hrs Lifespan

Instant Lighting

Low Maintenance Cost

60% Energy Saving

Customizable Performance


Extensive Applications of SNOOWEL LED Lights

Excellent in quality and rich in variety, SNOOWEL LED lights are wise choices for industrial and outdoor lighting solutions.

Warehouse & Factory

Warehouse & Factory

Balancing lighting effect and cost, LED High Bay Lights are a wise choice

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Gas Station

Gas Station

With explosion-proof design, LED Canopy Lights are widely used for Gas Station and Troll Station to meet safety requirements.

shutterstock 1367734457
Street & Road

Street & Roadway

LED Street Lights are designed with extraordinary luminous performance which significantly improves road safety

shutterstock 1054656872
Sports Field

Sports Field

Wide covering area and strong lighting effect make the LED Stadium Lights perfect for spaces like football fields, tennis court, gymnasium

shutterstock 1826996111
Park & Garden

Park & Garden

LED Post Top Lights, in unique and exquisite shape design, are used not only for lighting, but also for decorating.

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Parking Lot

Parking Lot

With shoebox-shaped lamp body, Parking Lot Lights are small in size with an easy-to-adjust covering area, making them the best option for parking lots.

shutterstock 1674362800
High Mast

High Mast

Owing to multi-point lighting sources, our LED flood lights distribute light more evenly, which are ideal options for large and high outdoor area lighting.
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Tunnel lighting increases the road safety and the visual performance of drivers. The adjustable lighting colors of our LED flood lights help drivers adapt to the lower light levels more quickly and safely.
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Your Reliable Partner (Especially For Brand Owner / Distributor / Wholesaler)

Solution That Works For You


With our strong industry technology and production system, Snoowel provides professional OEM services integrating product development, production and marketing services to customers abroad.


Our experienced designer team is well-equipped with industry technology to provide outstanding ODM services for your business.

How Makes Our Products Succeed

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Professional Lighting Solution

All your demands are taken into consideration and considerate lighting solution is offered by our dedicated staff with the assistance of professional DIALux software. The quantity of lights, the intensity of illumination and other detailed parameters will be presented to you along with our IES files.


If you have your own ideas, just send us your design papers. We can deliver you a rapid prototype within 10 days. The shape & color of the lamp body, the light color, and the view angle are all adjustable according to your needs.

LED Lights R&D

To meet the growing demand for energy-efficient, sustainable and environmentally safe lighting products, our R&D team of experts are fully devoted to innovating new lights to catch up with the market trends.

High Quality Manufacturing

As an experienced LED lights manufacturer, we have stable supply of raw materials and light components. The average delivery time is 5 days for small orders. We garantee you with adequate quantity as well as satified quality within time limit.

Rigorous Quality Control System

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Step 1

Incoming Quality Control

The performance depends on comprehensive factors, of which LED components counts the most. Every LED parts we receive are under strict inspection and quality test.We only cooperate with branded suppliers: SOSEN, MEAN WELL, INVENTRONICS, LUMILEDS logo all 2
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Step 2

Production Quality Control

Each of our LED lights has to go through aging testing for 10-12 hrs to check whether its integrated performance, such as lighting efficiency, light color, heat dissipation, can meet the standard.

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Step 3

Outgoing Quality Control

Before Packaging, the light performance is double checked, as well as the quantity of products. We make sure the lights you receive are of good quality and right amount.

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Step 4

Final Quality Control

Before delivery, we will final check all the previous procedures are in the right order and guarantee you will receive our lights safe and sound just how they left our factory.

Our Certifications & Patents

With 15-year manufacturing experience, our High-Quality Lights are well served worldwide with certificates. Driven by performance, We are enlightened by the market and running ahead of the trend.


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Get A Free Quote

Our expert team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours.

*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

Get A Free Quote

Our expert team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours.

    *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.